Reflection from a Point of View

My approach composes my orientations. The angle picked is abstraction as for representing the real in the same way as the so-called concrete techniques (realism/ hyperrealism). First I attempt to extract meaning from the aspect of the subject matter, that is to say through the way we perceive, interpret and sometimes conform it. I also take into account the tool, the photographic device, for what it is, a unit with a filter which allows to capture a moment of the real according to the printing of a visible spectrum and even more nowadays since it has become digital, unprocessed information which no longer needs chemical methods to be developped.
Photography, a conservative art so to speak and given its technique, has undergone changes leading to its merging with digital arts. When shooting pictures, I use technical bases as much as laboratory techniques which always go hand in hand to obtain the final result. To that end, I use them in the dialectic including the new features brought by tools innovation.
One picture contains millions of data. Through my photographic style, I aim to allow some of them to emerge, to hide others. To combine a hue, a colour or a detail in particular. To extract the scent of emotion in the same way as perfume is made.
This is also a subject that needs verbalizing in order to define its main aspects, its objects, its paths, how these are acknowledged and perceived. Finally, for me this is about assessing some thoughts and reflections, adding a little bit of emotion, a mild sensation. Marrying a slide of information through a stream of pixels.

Download my presentation file PDF (5mo)

Some dates

1975 Born
1994 Acquired my first camera unit « MINOLTA Maxxum SPxi »
1997 Earned a photography degree with a minor in photgraphy shooting and filters
1998 Started to learn film techniques and made a documentary movie
2001 Attracted by the motion and the bubble (or the other way round) and got trained in multimedia services with a minor in «web»
2005 Set up Reekoch Studio
2014 First exhibition

Walks the streets of some places

Florida, Tokyo & Kyoto, Seoul, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Stoke-on-Trent, Dakar & Kayar, Marrakech, Hong-Kong, Gangzouh, Yangshuo, Kunming, Shanghai…
…and some trains stations and airports.


  1. Très heureux de t’avoir croisé ce WE, je constate notre goût commun pour le voyage, si un jour tu as envie d’aller faire en Australie, Tasmanie, NZ, faits moi signe, en tous cas en Australie il y a matière à matières.
    Je prendrai bien sur le temps de parcourir sérieusement ta collection.
    Bonne continuation.

    1. Merci Jean-Jacques pour ces appréciations et invitations ! Ce sont en effet des destinations qui me fascinent et l’idée d’un tour complet de l’Australie en suivant les saisons m’échauffe déjà sérieusement l’esprit. A bientôt, Vincent

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